Roll up or lay flat.

Kona BBQ Cookware was started by Jamie and Jamie Lynn in 2013. In search of the best BBQ utensils and gifts, they discovered that there were many items out there that could be good, only if the manufacturer hadn't cut corners on quality to save money. We know you will be amazed with all of our products.

Caring For Your Mats

Our Grill Mats Are Great For...


Bring indoors or order a second set for baking, microwave liner, sandwich grills, toasters and more!

Our Team


Kona Grill mats make grilling much more forgiving. It's Harder to burn or overcook. No babysitting required. Wood and Silicon Utensils Recommended.

With a mild soap and water before first use. For easiest cleanup, wipe immediately, or cool and place in dishwasher. Do Not Use Steel Wool!

Kona grill mats work fantastic with everything you normally cook on the grill; Steak, Burgers, Kabobs, etc. And, even better, they work great with foods that normally fail on a grill; small veggies, seafood, pizza, pancakes, eggs, etc.

Your going to  love the versatility of your new set of Kona BBQ Grill mats! GUARANTEED.